Energetic certification

What is?
Energy Certificate (CE) of a building or autonomous fraction is a document issued under the Energy Certification System for Buildings (SCE) that classifies each property in terms of its Energy Performance according to a pre-defined scale of 8 classes (A +, A , B, B-, C, D, E and F), in which class A + corresponds to a building with the best energy performance, and class F corresponds to a building with the worst energy performance.
Each building, new or old, that is offered for sale or for rent by owners or real estate agents, requires this document. Energy certification is carried out by technicians authorized by the Energy Agency (ADENE).
In addition to the energy assessment of the home, the Energy Certificate also includes information on air conditioning and hot water, as well as indicating measures to reduce energy consumption. Some of these measures can be, for example, the reinforcement of the insulation of the house or the installation of double glazed windows.
The energy class is determined by several factors, namely:
• Construction year;
• Location;
• Type of housing: building or dwelling;
• Housing area;
• Constitution of the surroundings, that is, of the walls, roofs and floors;
• HVAC equipment, namely for ventilation, cooling and heating;
• Equipment associated with the production of domestic hot water.
These aspects are key, as they allow building users to reduce their Energy Bill.
Is required?
The energy certificate is a mandatory requirement for anyone who places a home on the market for sale or rent, whether the owner or a real estate agent. It is even mandatory to indicate the energy rating of the building in any published advertisement.

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