What is?
It is the preparation of a property for sale in the real estate market.
The organization´s objective is to make the property more appealing in order to reach the largest number of potential buyers, thus achieving a faster and more profitable sale.
Home Staging doesn´t have to be expensive, and there are several Home Staging techniques that can be applied when your budget is tight.
    Not all divisions are of equal importance
Direct your effort and most of your budget to the divisions that are most likely to influence the customer´s decision. The rooms that are most important to potential buyers are the living room, the master bedroom and the kitchen, so you should make sure that these are the parts of the house that receive the most attention.
    Turn each room into a blank canvas
When showing the house to potential buyers, the goal is to imagine themselves living in that space. To facilitate this task, it is necessary to strip the house of personal touches, such as photographs, fridge magnets, clothes, etc.
    Get rid of “junk”
Everything, however small, occupies space, with space being the main factor to take into account when buying a home. Get rid of everything that is unnecessary, so that the room is as open as possible and gives a greater sense of space and freedom.
    Opt for neutral
Colors are a way of expressing one´s personality, but, as is known, tastes are subjective. Avoid strong colors as much as possible and opt for neutral tones, such as white or gray, to please as many potential buyers as possible.
    Don´t forget the lighting
Illumination is a determining factor in how we see a room. A poorly lit house is a sad house, but a well-lit house gives a feeling of welcome and comfort that makes a difference when deciding.