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Intermediation means to mediate, to establish a connection. In this specific case, credit intermediation seeks to reach an understanding between the consumer and the various credit institutions.
In practice, credit intermediation entities handle the entire credit granting process, however, it is the financial institution that grants the credit and not the intermediary.
After this framework, it can be questioned whether it will be advantageous to use a Credit Intermediary, when the order can be placed directly at the bank. And at first glance, it may seem that it will be quicker and simpler to go directly to the bank, but in fact, dealing with everything with a credit intermediary can save you time, money and worry.

A credit intermediary brings you the following advantages:
Simpler and faster process
The whole operation is done in a faster and simpler way, does not waste unnecessary time with the bureaucracies of the process and sees the money being made available to you quickly.
Personalized advice
You will have a personalized follow-up and you are offered a consultancy service, thus obtaining a more favorable financing agreement and adjusted to your financial situation. An experienced Consultant is prepared to find the best solutions on the market.
Lower interest rates
A great advantage, if not the greatest, (because it will be reflected throughout the contract), will be the fact that you can enjoy lower interest rates than those practiced by banking institutions, directly over the counter.
Continued Assistance
Benefit from continued assistance in all aspects of your credit. Through this assistance, you get your request to be submitted in a more complete and correct way, making the whole process faster and more consistent.
In addition to all the facilities mentioned, having an intermediary also ensures that there is total transparency in all steps of the process. The new measures that came into force on January 1, 2018, require greater transparency in the activity of credit intermediation, providing an advantage to the consumer.
If you want a service that is agile, secure, transparent and at a considerably lower expense, trust our long experience.
We work daily to offer you a credit solution tailored to you, with the best market conditions.
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