Mission. Vision and Values

In business since 2006, MOREsize is a Real Estate Mediation company, headquartered, at Praça Joaquim António de Aguiar nº 18, Fração BB and Rua Elias Garcia nº 18, both in the Historic Center of Évora.
We are a company with long experience in the real estate market and with extensive knowledge of the Alentejo region.
We guide our MISSION in order to provide our customers with an excellent service, both in terms of Real Estate Consulting and Financial Consulting

We have higher education in Real Estate Management, which comprises areas such as:
    - Real Estate Law,
    - Taxation,
    - Fund Management and Real Estate,
    - Real Estate Appraisal,
    - Real Estate Promotion,
    - Construction Techniques,
    - Urbanism,
    - Urban and Regional Economy,
    - Investment analysis,
    - Real Estate Mediation, etc., etc.
There are 40 Curricular Units, dedicated to Real Estate that contribute significantly in offering a high quality service
We consciously assume our responsibility as an Economic and Social partner, adjusting our activity to the needs of the market, always in search of the optimization of our human resources in order to always serve you better. The quality of the service we provide is our main focus.
Sustainability and the constant search to reduce the ecological footprint and the way we achieve our mission, always in search of a superior service.
Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.